LEMANO Srl is a visionary start-up founded by two young and passionate entrepreneurs who excel in the fields of luxury watches, cutting-edge technologies, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFT, and financial markets. Our mission is to create a sophisticated web-based marketplace dedicated to the buying and selling of luxury watches. By offering high-quality services at competitive prices, we enable our customers to make secure transactions using recognized cryptocurrencies, including our very own LEMANO COIN🪙, as well as traditional FIAT money. With unwavering determination, we embark on this ambitious project to elevate the industry and provide an exceptional experience to our valued clientele.

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Oyster Perpetual Date


1000ft = 300m

Superlative Chronometer

Officially Certified

Chris made


Lemano is a leading web marketplace platform for buying and selling luxury watches. Our platform offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our primary payment method is fiat currency, providing a convenient and familiar option for transactions. Additionally, we offer a cryptocurrency payment service with conversion managed directly by our team. This allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of using cryptocurrencies while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction process. Alongside these payment options, we provide additional services such as seller verification, watch quality control, insured shipping, payment by deposit to be released after delivery, trade-in, and more. Our goal is to reduce brokerage fees and provide quality ancillary services at competitive prices. With Lemano, you can confidently explore the world of luxury watches and experience a secure and efficient marketplace tailored to your preferences.

The user chooses the watch on the site and orders it
The watch goes to the lab for video verification
If the order is confirmed the money reaches the seller
The watch is shipped to the buyer


Lemano is embarking on an exciting NFT project! We are offering the opportunity to acquire NFTs with various attributes, including discounts on commissions, shipping, and quality control. This NFT project aims to introduce our company to cryptocurrency investors and establish a connection with the blockchain community. Additionally, the project serves as a means to raise funds for our company’s growth and development. As part of this endeavor, a lucky individual drawn from a mathematical library provided by an external organization will be rewarded with a luxurious timepiece. Join our NFT project and you could be the fortunate recipient of a luxury watch!





To strengthen our bond with the world of luxury watches, each collection will include the rewarding of a watch to a randomly selected individual from a mathematical library provided by an external entity, ensuring complete transparency.


NFTs are sold via one of two methods:

• PRESALE (First 500 NFTs)
• MINT Date (Remaining 1453 NFTs)



Commission discount


Quality control discount


Shipping discount


Annual dividends for holders

2% annual revenues to the first 500 (pre-sale). 1% to the remaining 1453


In the age of ancient Greece, a divine inspiration was granted to the master artisans of Lemano. They sought to craft NFTs not as mere digital assets, but as living embodiments of the god Cronus himself. Each trait was meticulously designed to exude the essence of elegance, quality, and character.

Cronus, the god of time, was known for his relentless and unwavering determination—a warrior’s spirit fused with the refinement of a gentleman. These qualities were woven into the very fabric of each Lemano NFT. With eyes that gleamed like the heavens, and armor that shone as brightly as the sun, they stood as a testament to the intersection of strength and grace.

As the legends foretold, Cronus wielded the scythe of time, and so too did each Lemano NFT bear a unique token—a symbol of its connection to the eternal flow of moments. Like a warrior on the battlefield, they stood ready to face the trials of time with unwavering resolve.

The founder of Lemano, in reverence to this divine creation, once spoke these profound words: “The only real unit of measurement is time because only time can prove that we existed. Every other unit of measurement was invented by man, time was not.” These words echoed through the ages, a reminder that in the grand tapestry of existence, it is time that weaves the threads of our legacy.

In the Lemano NFT collection, the warrior’s mindset and the gentleman’s class converge, a timeless tribute to the enduring spirit of Cronus, and an eternal reminder that the most precious treasure we possess is the moments we share.


Alessandro and Pasquale, two young entrepreneurs driven by their immense passion for luxury watches, have spearheaded the Lemano project. By harmoniously blending the precision and elegance of luxury watches with groundbreaking blockchain technology, they have ushered in a world of infinite possibilities, safeguarding security and transparency throughout the process.

Alessandro Casoni

Alessandro Casoni

Pasquale Mistretta

Pasquale Mistretta

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